Alex came to us many years ago, brought by a lady who was an experienced horsewoman in her early days and hadn’t had horses in a long time, She decided big horses were not for her anymore so she bought Alex and took him home, Alex however was quite a scared and traumatised little pony so she asked Horses For Hope if we could help him out. While Alex was here unfortunately his owner got very ill and she passed away, before she passed, she asked if we would have Alex and ensure he is looked after into the future, so of course, we agreed.

Alex was progressing well working with many different participants all working to convince him that people are OK to be around and can be trusted. When he was ready to graduate, he got lucky, one of the families who had worked with Alex in the program offered to take him home to be with their family and hopefully continue his progress. They did just that and he has become a trusted and safe little kids riding pony.

Unfortunately, kids grow, and Alex stayed small, so because of our commitment to our agreement with his now deceased previous owner… he has come back to us, back to our herd and his old friend Simon where he will remain until another pathway emerges for his future.