Horses For Hope LogoBy Phillipa

Trying to explain Horses For Hope is impossible, it’s just one organisation that can change your life.

People come here nervous and shy, be they adults or children it doesn’t matter who you are or how old…. All that matters is your willingness to just try.

Try and come with an open mind.

You meet the amazing horses and hear their stories…. Stories of heartbreak, Trauma, Neglect…. But also hope.

These horses are not trained or friendly…. These horses have been hurt by humans, beaten, starved and even abandoned. But these horses have such kindness inside them, that someone has thrown them a lifeline which they grabbed onto with all their might, showing their owners that they are good horses, but just so scared.

So their owners send them here - to Horses For Hope - to try and get them trusting humans, feeling safe in the world maybe for the first time in their lives.

One by one each participant will come in and work with one of the horses – a scary thing at first.

You learn how to hold your energy, so you stay relaxed and calm which helps the horse feel good too. If you are anxious or excited the horses know and react to your energy so you really must work hard at figuring out what you are feeling and also trying to manage that feeling so the horse doesn’t get frightened.

Once you’re in the yard with the horse, you start to get the hang of using the right energy and you really connect with the horse, its like you and the horse become one….

You feel their fears and celebrate their successes, you are a team. Yes Horses for Hope rehabilitates horses, but its much more than that, it’s a therapy like no other.

You learn skills to cope with all aspects of your life. You help the horse have a new lease on life but you also do the same for yourself. You have a purpose for a time if nothing else, come help the horses and maybe learn more skills that could change your life

It is the greatest honour to work with these traumatised horses,  learning together to prove  that not everyone in this world is bad and there is also Hope.