Are you an experienced administrator seeking a few hours a week employment?

Our registered charity is seeking someone for these tasks :-

  • Manage accounts and financial reporting using MYOB. Includes invoicing, receipts, financial reports and acquittal of grants. Support available from our accounting firm.
  • Supporting the Board with reports and minutes as required.
  • Overseeing and supporting information systems including hard copy client files and electronic data.

Conditions: SCHADS award, 6 hours a week permanent part time with flexible schedule to be arranged.

Applications close on Friday 17th July.

Position Description

Position Title: Administrator, Permanent Part Time.

Date: July 2020

Reports to: The Manager, Horses For Hope Limited

Review/Evaluation: Annually

Employment conditions: Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 (SCHADS Award)

Key Role

  • To ensure efficient processing of accounts, processing payroll, maintaining filing and information systems and servicing the Board with information as required.

Position Objectives

  • Processing accounts and payments using MYOB
  • Processing Payroll using MYOB
  • Maintaining records and registers as required
  • Overseeing administrative information systems and filing
  • Providing financial statements and reports as require by the manager and to the board for Board meetings.
  • Collating and providing information to the Board in preparation for meetings.
  • Taking minutes of Board meetings and providing for approval to Board meetings
  • Providing financial information as required for program and fund acquittals
  • Assisting in developing administrative systems as Horses For develops and expands
  • Work with the support and guidance and support of accountants Pears CA, Leo Ciarroni or members of his team


Must hold current;

  • Working With Children Check
  • Drivers license
  • Successfully Completed Police Records Check
  • Computer skills with and capacity to effectively learn and implement and support the team as new systems may become necessary from time to time. Eg the My outcomes program.


  • Experienced in working with MYOB.

Key tasks


  • To be able to support, encourage and teach a team of that are from fields of expertise that may not include skills or capacities with administration and financial management systems in particular

Organizational Management

  • Support the manager and Board in processes and operation of administration operation

Policy Development

  • Identify gaps and inadequacies in Policy and Procedures processes and make recommendations for change within the company

Key Selection Criteria

Fit with the values of Horses For Hope Limited and the team.

·         Non judgemental, particularly in relation to the people require the services of HFH.

·         Must be able to maintain absolute confidentiality at all time as required in relation to client participation in with Horses For Hope


·         Appropriate experience with financial and administration management, preferably with MYOB

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

·         Ability to lead and foster innovation and initiative in others

·         Ability to work co-operatively and effectively in a team environment

·         Ability to develop relationships based on honesty, integrity and trust



Role Attribute Requirements

Creative and innovative

–        Finds ways to work better and smarter

–        Generates options and ideas

–        Flexible and responsive

–        Open to change and finding alternatives in solutions 


–        Manages own time to achieve key outcomes

–        Avoids distraction and diversions


–        Reviews arguments and opinions before making judgements

–        Presents clear and logical arguments

–        Takes a systematic approach when building toward improvements


–        Adapts to changing circumstances in the workplace

–        Prioritises work and addresses what is most important

–        Takes advantage of new and emerging opportunities


–        Recovers from setbacks

–        Overcomes obstacles and impediments

–        Learns from experience and identifies areas for self-development


–        Researches opinions and sets a clear path

–        Deals with obstacles and impediments

–        Has clear goals

Culturally aware

–      Respects difference in all of its forms

–      Adapts language to aid communication

–      Values diversity as a strength and positively utilises diversity


–        Is credible and truthful

–        Is reliable and trustworthy

–        Acknowledges and learns from mistakes


–        Has integrity and principles

–        Reflects expected standards of behaviour and/or Code of Conduct


–        Engenders a spirit  of teamwork

–        Acknowledges contribution of others to successful outcomes


–        Encourages others to attain goals and achieve

–        Listens actively and inspires confidence




Diversity – Knowledge and understanding of the principles of anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation and demonstrates ability to interpret and uphold principles and standards of equal opportunity policies into practice.


Occupational Health & Safety – Ensure that a system of work that is safe and without risk to health is developed, documented and followed by all employees, volunteers, clients and visitors through appropriate supervision, training and monitoring.  Maintain compliance with OHS legislative requirements and Horses For Hope Limited's OH&S policies, procedures and guidelines. This includes reporting of safety incidents and hazards as soon as you are aware of them.


Quality Service Systems – Demonstrates ongoing commitment to the Vision, Mission, Values, Strategic Plan and Policy, and to our quality assurance processes.  Enhances quality practices, ensures own work meets quality requirements, and provides input into continuous improvement through consultation.


Drugs and Alcohol - A staff member is not to be adversely affected by alcohol, drugs or any other detrimental substances whilst employed in this position at Horses For Hope Limited.

Position Incumbent

I have read and understood this position description.  I acknowledge that description of the role is an outline and guide to the tasks of the professional activities needed to undertake the role successfully. I understand that annual review of the position description may occur and may be amended from time to time as the organisation needs change. Changes to the position description will be consistent with the purpose for which the position was established.

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This position description has been approved by: The Horses For Hope Limited Board


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