Brea has been part of the program a long time.

She is an RSPCA rescue who came from a large herd of around 50 on a large property, some of whom had unfortunately passed away or had to be euthanized due to starvation and sickness.

Brea was one of the youngest on the property and thankfully was rescued in time ... however while not physically damaged, she was scarred emotionally.


She was taken in by a family who saw her potential but they soon realised she needed more help than they could give and as such she came to Horses for Hope to begin her new life.

When Brea arrived she was obviously scared and very wary of people and she had a few tricks up her sleeve like running away from anyone who came near, avoiding being caught or even touched.

These days Brea still has her troubles but nowhere near as much as she did.

She is now one of the very few horses here that do occasionally, with the right person… come up for a pat out in the paddock.

Her shyness and need for protection is obvious to our participants, some finding parallels with her nervousness and in the way she saw the world.

Brea requires a very patient, considered and calm approach.

Brea has been progressing well in her time here and after a lot of time and practice her latest amazing achievement is finally having the farrier do her feet.

We are so proud of her!