We don’t quite know what happened to Billy in the past, All we do know is Billy being one of the newest horses to join our program has so much love and potential.

Paddock mates with Rain for years they had a close bond, however that bond, was what was keeping Billy away from reaching his goals.


Once separated Billy thrived and grew and quickly learnt life isn’t as bad as he had thought.

Soon becoming part of the herd Billy has surprised us all. So happy to see people now, he will now come up to you for a pat.

Billy has one big struggle though….. People walking behind him…. Well anything behind him is his main phobia now.

Slowly we are reminding him that it’s not so bad to have people behind him but it is his greatest fear.

We will continue guide him and teach him at his own pace. He is a great addition to our program as he has so much to give our participants but still has his fears so it helps them use their horse yard skills.